the power of

tourism to drive ecological change


tourism to drive change

Many destinations prioritise tourism but negelect the environment.
Tourists can influence locals and governments because they care about toruism.
We harness this power and tourism to influence to drive dramatic change.   

Ending landfill sites within

500m of the Mediterranean 

Empowering tourists

to use their influence

Supporting islands

shift towards zero waste.

ending ocean landfills



Landfill sites shouldn't have water views. 

But they do. 

Many Meditteranaen islands have illegal landfill sites, sometimes on cliffs above the ocean. Despite fines from the European Commission alternative waste mangaement solutions continue to be ignored.


Despite the huge risk of ocean plastic pollution, including the collapse of landfill sites into the ocean - the problem is hidden in plain sight. 

Our Mission is to end these illegal sites - by identifying each site, highlighting those presenting the greatest risk to the ocean and using tourist pressure to drive change. 

ending landfill sites with water views 

our projects

Our projects aim to use tourism to drive ecological change to end illegal landfill sites near the ocean and to reduce waste by implementing zero waste practices.


Our focus is on landfill sites near the ocean as they remain hidden, the extent of the huge presence and risk they pose unkown. However, the answer on islands is not just waste management - but massive waste reduction.


Our mission is to make islands stewards of zero waste - providing practical solutions to locals, business and municipalities and empowering tourists to be advocates for change. 

landfill mapping 

We are crowd-sourcing the mapping every landfill site within 500m of the Mediterranean. We are also mapping all recycling and composting facilities.


Help us by providing exact location, images and footage. 


An alternative waste management facility has been approved and funded but is overdue for implementation.


Sign our petition and pledge to to visit Hydra until this illegal landfill site has been decommissioned. 

zero waste islands

It's not just about waste management but waste reduction. We Tourists with tips for how to travel zero waste and be advocates in the destinations they travel to.

We support locals, businesses and municipalities with zero waste strategies.

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end this landfill in hydra


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So often whilst travelling you see beaches covered in plastic, illegally dumped rubbish or ocean pollution. The problem is you have no way to communicate your feedback. Sometimes that feedback is that you are so disgusted that you don't want to come back. 

That feedback never gets heard. 

We're changing that.


Simply tag @touristsagainsttrash and @TAT(your location) . Whether it's a beach clean or turtles swimming in plastic - we want to know. We will compile the feedack and images from each location and provide to the municipality at the end of the season so they can understand how tourists feel about their experience of the destination environment. 

TIP: We get you don't want your insta feed full of images of trash - so either make the image the second image behind a beautiful on or simply DM us. 

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We will let Mykonos Municipality and The Greek Minister for Tourism  know.

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how to be a tat traveller

Make your traveller to the Mediterranean next summer really make a huge difference.


Here is our guide to how you can have maximum impact. 

reduce waste
talk to locals
map landfill

Pack your own bags, water filters and bottles and shop at markets.

Tag us any pictures of trash on islands and your feedback.

Ask where the landfill site is. Talk about the environment to locals.

Tell us exact location of the landfill and take some pics or footage.

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